PS4 vs Xbox One: The Full Story

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This is the complete PS4 vs Xbox One comparison video. Which console has your vote? Leave a comment! Xbox One – | PS4 –…
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  1. fmoa says:

    i get one 3-5 months later after launch..i dont want to waste money on new systems that will get fooked up after 3 months..bought a ps2 during its first day and it didnt read disc 2 months later..get a 360 cause here i thought ps3 gonna have same problem of not reading disc..was i wrong, 360 later got red ring 4 months later..both times i have to buy new ps2 and 360, i just wait and see which gets problem first than ill buy one.

  2. minchuk24 says:

    Used PlayStation til ps2, got 360 instead of ps3. Going back to PS4.

  3. thunter079 says:

    Either buy the fucking ps4 or xbox one and SHUT THE FUCK UP

  4. joe99556 says:

    I like the ps4 but im goibg to buy both

  5. Max Camilleri-Seeber says:

    Gays rubs 69 come at me you fuckin cunt ill wreck you mate

  6. EzJulzNZ says:

    There are alot of bias articles and videos out there but with a little bit of research at the moment im going with xbox one because i think its gonna be big 1 or 2 years down the track. im looking forward to lag free fast online gaming and titanfall is gonna be a beast. Ps4 will definately sell more initially though. Haters gon hate

  7. TheReMiiXGamer7 says:

    Or we know what the better system is.

  8. Gayscrubs69 says:

    Xbox one is for richer people you ps4 fuck tards are all probably poor or fucking stupid

  9. LILWITEBOY95 says:

    The PS4 Pre Orders almost doubles Xbox One Pre Orders

  10. Jake Barac says:

    I’m a Xbox fan but.. This new “Xbox one” is just a a peice of shit and

  11. MrEASYeBOY says:

    Why is everyone fighting? People, they are both great consoles!

  12. Winston Smith says:

    This is outdated new information has come out on both consoles.

  13. jack13766 says:

    PlayStation from the start 3

  14. nokeyman12 says:

    The Best Person ever about this this soft/ware dude

  15. alex dimichele says:

    ps4 all the way

  16. Tonya Svendsen says:

    its ps4

  17. Bladester77 says:

    I don’t see how anyone would still have to choose between an Xbox and a PS4. PS4 is obviously WAY better!

  18. DarkKnight3031 says:

    fuck all u xbox dick suckers even da playstation 1 is better then the xbox one

  19. Auprentice King says:

    i use to be an xbox fan…..until i saw this..i gotta get the ps4

  20. nathanshinigami says:

    yes but ps4 has 15 min limit while xbox one has only 5 min limit and ps4 you can do it for free but with xbox one you need to have xbox gold in order to record gameplay.

  21. TRIHB2 says:

    i think the ps4 is going to outsell the xbox one

  22. kelin johnson says:

    mmmm i think im just gana stick with PC and WII U but if ps4 comes out with better games maybe ill get a ps4 but Microsoft pretty much killed it for me i used to love my 360 hell i loved all 3 of my consoles pswii60 but 360 really gave me more fun games like forza 3 wich i love more than forza 4 but yeah PC and wii U this gen for me until other wise don’t buy into this next gen hype.

  23. babyfacebilly14 says:

    Alsome vid dude I’m gona get ps4 but like u said if I can transfer my account over wen I’m on ps4 can I still be chatting wid my m8s that will be on there ps3

  24. 322halo says:

    I’m only getting a ps because all my friends are getting it

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